Madd Graphix, Inc. specializes in the finest customized illustration services including high-end illustration, scientific and anatomical, pharmaceutical, product development, book covers, magazine advertisements, cd and dvd covers, financial, medical, corporate identity, restaurant branding, investing, company logo design, educational software, and web graphic design. We offer our clients personalized and elite collaboration to create their high quality illustration and graphics as specified by each project.

Michael J. Maddalena resides in Huntington, NY. When he is not creating winning illustrations he enjoys painting, composing music, playing the drums in his band The Rush Project NY, and is an avid Honda Racer and Yankees baseball fan.


Industry experience: medical healthcare, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, biotechnology, vitamins and supplement products, information technology, investing, financial, software, hardware, electronics, automobiles, hotels, restaurants, clubs, leisure, media, advertising, publishing, marketing, entertainment

Background and Training:

  • Bachelor of Arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York majoring in illustration, fine art and studio design
  • Graduated with honors from Stony Brook University with a continuing major of fine art and studio design
  • Enrolled in the anatomical/biological training and assistant anatomical/biological curriculum under director, Steven Nash
  • Created illustrations for educational software marketed to undergraduate and graduate students and sole illustrator creating human biology, microbiology, virtual organic chemistry 1 and 2, and genetic illustrations
  • Worked closely with the distinguished Paul Bingham, PH. D. illustrating biology of being human curriculum and later to collaborate with him illustrating for the discovery channel
  • Apprenticeship with renowned artist, Mihai Popa in Bridgehampton, NY thearkproject.com where he worked in the well-known round barrel house, ‘Movah’s Arc’ and adjoining studio, creating massive sculptures and paintings using wood, concrete, and steel for this artistic structure and landscape and featured on HGTV’s Extreme Homes

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