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“I’ve worked with Mike on several medical illustration projects. he is easy to work with and does a great job of illustrating the concept based on the details provided for the illustration. i would recommend mike for your next medical illustration project!”

Top Qualities: great results, expert, high integrity

– Jennifer Osterhouse hired Michael J. as a medical illustration and hired Michael J. more than once.

“Michael is my “go to” person when it comes to creating innovative and engaging visual representations of sometimes complex scientific and medical concepts. he has a wonderful knack for reading a piece of copy and understanding how to translate it to an impactful illustration that enhances the copy and grabs the reader. he’s also extremely flexible and able to turn around work on very tight deadlines. i’d recommend him for all types of marketing and editorial projects in need of a skilled hand.”

Top Qualities: great results, good value, creative

– Michelle Riley hired Michael J. as a graphic/web designer and hired Michael J. more than once.

“Michael is very personable and a pleasure to work with. he is not only creative and an expert in his field but delivered on time, on budget and creates excellent work. i would not hesitate to recommend Michael/Madd Graphix”

Top Qualities: good value, on time, creative.

– William Brown hired Michael J. as a graphic/web designer and hired Michael J. more than once.

“I highly recommend Michael Maddalena for your next medical/pharmaceutical assignment. Michael is a very talented and very easy to work with illustrator. you can count on him to turn your ideas and concepts into highly polished, complex and accurate imagery. his imagery has been used for a variety of

Biomedical/healthcare markets, which include medical/pharmaceutical advertising, editorial publications, educational publishers, – academic institutions, private physicians, medical-legal visuals and more!”

Top Qualities: personable, expert, high integrity.

– Ellie Altomare hired Michael J. as a medical illustration SB in 2015.

“I started working with Mike a few years ago when i needed designs for law enforcement badges and insignia. more recently i started a nutritional supplement company and brought mike in for product and web design. since day one, i have been amazed at mike’s creative ability and the ability to work and perfect designs applicable to various industries.

Mike has been a true pleasure to work with and i look forward to working with mike for the many years to come.

Top Qualities: great results, high integrity, creative.

– Budge Collinson hired Michael J. as a graphic/web designer and hired Michael J. more than once.

“As a graphic designer, I have had the opportunity to work with mike on many occasions. mike is an amazing medical illustrator. he is creative and needs little direction to produce hi-quality work. his work contributes greatly to the success of our direct mail packages. i have not worked with any other illustrator who matches his level of expertise.”

– Nicole Mellott, graphic designer, Nicole Mellott graphic design worked with Michael J. at Madd Graphix, Inc.

“I hire Michael frequently for custom illustration and design work. he is highly experienced and talented -especially in quickly tuning in to the vision of the project. he is both fast and good…it’s not often that you find the two together!”

Top Qualities: expert, on time, creative.

– Daureen Papinchak hired Michael j. as a graphic/web designer and hired Michael j. more than once.

“Michael has a great design eye and a drafting skill.”

– Ilia Anossov (Fresco), student, Mihai Popa studio (New York) worked directly with Michael J. at Madd Graphix, Inc.

“We have hired Michael numerous times for a variety of clients and products over the years. He brings creativity to the table in a huge way and always has a variety of ideas to share in an engaging way. Several deadlines have been extremely tight and tricky—Michael always performs on time and is flexible and helpful with clients’ needs and is a pleasure to work with. I had been looking for talent with his skill level for years and now I can count on him to join our team. We intend on using Michael as much as possible on future direct mail, web campaigns and product launches which gives my design studio a real edge.”

Top Qualities: great results, expert, high integrity.

– Lori Haller hired Michael J. as an illustration/design/graphics and hired Michael J. more than once.

“As a direct mail designer, I am constantly searching for ways to illustrate ideas and concepts. Whenever I am presented with a graphic concept that calls for something out of the box, that is just plain nonexistent in the cookie cutter world of stock photography, my one and only call is to mike. He’s a genius at taking my vague description of what I’m looking to communicate in an illustration and coming back to me a short time later with a beautiful piece of art that crystallizes exactly what i was hoping to say. He works quickly, is super easy to work with and won’t stop working until every detail is perfect. Hire him once and see for yourself. You’ll be coming back to him year after year just like I have.”

Top Qualities: great results, personable, high integrity.

– Rob Davis hired Michael J. as an illustrator in 2015, and hired Michael J. more than once.

“Mike Maddalena is a fantastic artist. I have used him many times. Not only is work great, it is brought in on time and on budget. Add to the fact that mike is a very nice guy and you have the whole package. Use this guy, he will make you money. He is very well thought of in the industry and his art will bring “wow” to your projects. Al Laufer, nature trade direct”

Top Qualities: great results, personable, on time.

– Allan Laufer hired Michael J. as a graphic design in 2015.

“Michael illustrated my book plumbing and renovations (www.plumbingandrenovations.com), a medical book written for women with pelvic floor disorders. Michael was always available, on time and patient with drafts and edits, and provided illustrations that were at once highly detailed and easy for a non-medical reading audience to understand. His fee schedule was easy and fair. i intend to consult Michael again on further book projects.”

Service Category: Medical illustrations
Year first hired: 2008
Top Qualities: great results, high integrity, creative.

Dr. Lauri Romanzi, clinical associate professor of gynecology at Weill Cornell Medical center/New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City,
133 East 58th ST, NY, NY 10022

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. In Michael’s case it’s more like 10,000. His illustrations make my direct mail pieces come to life and grab attention in a way that no other illustrator’s work has.

I absolutely adore his work, and he always understands the time constraints and deadlines i am under. He’s just great to work with. Always a pleasure.

Deeba Jafri, President,
D.J. Direct Response Inc.

Michael was able to encapsulate a complicated idea i had into a clear, eye-grabbing illustration that just pops off the page.

He is also very conscientious and will go the extra mile to make sure he pleases his clients.

Donna L. Doyle
“Copy & design that sells”

I’ve been impressed with Mr. Maddalena’s ability to take a writer’s idea and bring it to life, often in a more effective way than originally imagined. He’s a real asset on a project and definitely enhances the selling power of a marketing piece.

Dick Sanders

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